•  Bugs
Fixing the 8u2 Firmware Bug on Arduino
Fix to the serial communication bug & tips.

  • Other
Random Arduino Bits 'n Bytes (part 1)
Generating random numbers with arduino.

Random Arduino Bits 'n Bytes (part 2)
Bit-level number manipulation.

How to make your own jumper wires
A how-to on making breadboard jumper wires

  • Sensors
Using an LDR (light dependent resistor) with arduino
General comments on sensors plus example with LDR

Build a Thermometer Using the LM335 Sensor and Arduino
How to use the LM335 sensor to measure temperature

  • Serial Port Communication
Arduino Control over Serial Port
Learn how to control your arduino through the computer's serial port.

Motor Speed Control through a PC Serial Port with Arduino
Using the example above, we control a motor speed.

Serial Port Echo with Arduino
Echo the data sent through the serial port, back to the serial monitor.